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Female Sterility Treatments

In ZYGOS female infertility treatments activate your bodys natural cycle of reproduction.

Treatment for peritoneal tubal factor
Treatment for peritoneal tubal factor, which represents 30% of sterility cases and occurs when the fallopian tubes have an injury, blocking or adhesion. In these cases ZYGOS recommends the treatment with Gynaecological Laparoscopy which allows making corrective surgeries on the uterus, tubes and ovaries. It is minimally invasive and outpatient surgery so it is not necessary to stay in the hospital and offers a quick recovery.
Specific treatments for induction of ovulation
Ovarian stimulation is performed by using drugs whose action is similar to that of natural hormones produced by women, but using higher doses. It is indicated in cases where the woman has no ovulation (anovulation), glandular disorders that affect ovarian function and other disorders. ZYGOS applies these treatments according to the criteria of the ESHRE Group, agreed in the Consensus Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Endocrinology (ESHRE).
Gonadotropins are hormones secreted by the hypophysis by stimulating the gonadotropin releasing hormone (Gn-RH) which is the key hormone of reproduction and sexuality, and are involved in regulating the reproduction in the ovaries. One of its functions is to administer the nutritional factors and stimulate ovulation and the production of other hormones necessary for the embryo or zygote, initial stage of the development of a new being in the womb.
Treatment for uterine factor
The uterus is the organ that is responsible for receiving the embryo, nurturing, protecting and feeding it during the nine months that gestation lasts until it reaches the maturation of its organs for the life outside the womb. The uterus is essential for the embryo implantation occurs and may be the reason why pregnancy does not happen or does not evolve favourably. The hysteroscopy is a technique to visualize the inside of the uterine cavity through an optical system, in order to make an assessment of that cavity or a surgical procedure (removal of polyps or fibroids, resection of adhesions and septums ...)
Antiestriogen Treatments
Antiestrogens act as competitors of natural estrogen on the brain, and with this block they induce a higher production of the hormones that will stimulate the ovaries, inducing ovulation.
Pulsatile GnRH therapy
ZYGOS is pioneering and the unique centre in Spain in the application of pulsatile GnRH treatment by using a microinfusor that releases the hormone and induces the production of gonadotropins. It is the substance that regulates the reproductive cycle in women and in men. It is the most effective and low risk treatment for men and women with no or low production of GnRH, and is recommended by the European Group of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE Group).
Adolescence Unit
ZYGOS has a unit for the study of menstrual cycle disorders in adolescence and delayed pubertal development. Thanks to a notarized study and use of treatments is possible to establish a forecast on the reproductive future of the adolescent.