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ZYGOS Assisted reproductive techniques

Our scientific and research work provides us with the most advanced techniques in reproductive medicine.

Conjugal Artificial Insemination (CAI)
It is to deposit an extract of sperm, previously treated in the laboratory, inside the uterine cavity of women coinciding with ovulation. This therapeutic procedure is the simplest as a treatment for conjugal sterility, whether due to male female, mixed factor or unknown cause.
In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET)
It is a technique in which the fertilization of eggs by sperm, takes place in our embryology laboratory. IVF is the main treatment for infertility when other methods have failed. The process involves ultrasound and hormonal control of women to assess the maturation of oocytes and subsequent extraction. These cells are fertilized in the embryology laboratory with sperm. The fertilized egg (pre-embryo) can then be transferred to the woman's uterus, where it should be implemented and continue its development until the end of gestation.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
It is a laboratory technique to detect genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in embryos obtained through in vitro fertilization, before being transferred to the womb.
Prolonged culture of pre-embryos until blastocyst stage. Prolonged culture of pre-embryos until blastocyst stage.
It is a technique that allows a natural selection of those embryos, which have continued their evolutionary process in the laboratory for five days, indicating that this method is a process of self-selection of the embryos themselves. The ones with better quality and greater capacity for implantation are the ones that persist. This way the number of embryos to be transferred could be reduced and thus, avoid multiple pregnancies.
Artificial insemination with sperm from an anonymous donor (AID) Artificial insemination with sperm from an anonymous donor (AID)
Itis a technique as the previous, with sperm from an anonymous donor, from asperm bank. ZYGOScontrols the entire process of donating sperm and semen treatment and ensuresthere is no risk of infectious and hereditary diseases transmission. ZYGOS canselect samples so that your baby is as similar as possible to you.
FIn Vitro Fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm (IVF-ICSI)
Thistechnique enables the fertilization in the laboratory, introducing a singlesperm into a mature egg. Its discovery was a great revolution that solves mostcases of male factor infertility and allows obtaining a high number of embryos. Withthis technique the acrosome reaction (union of sperm with the zona pellucidapenetration of the zona, union and fusion of sperm with the oolema) isdisregarded, so that sperm that do not have the capacity to fertilizespontaneously can achieve it through this method. The first human pregnancy by ICSI techniqueoccurred in 1992, by Gienpiero Palermo and collaborators.
Egg Donation
The process of fertilization of the oocyte from an anonymous donor with sperm ofthe couple or from the bank, and then the embryos obtained are transferred intothe uterus of the recipient woman. InZygos, the donor eggs are fertilized to a single recipient, thus providinggreater chance of pregnancy if the oocytes are shared by more than one woman.
Vitrification of embryos and ova.
Preserveyour fertility. Zygos offers you the possibility to preserve your eggs withoutfertilizing them and to be able to be a mother when you want.