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Being a father, being a mother ... ZYGOS makes it possible

Infertility is a problem that affects one in six couples of childbearing age. ZYGOS was created to help those people who are affected by fertility problems or infertility. Sterility is the inability to achieve pregnancy, whereas infertility is the inability to achieve a pregnancy successfully completed (abortions, fetal death and others). Sterility is considered a problem when pregnancy does not occur after a year having sexual intercourse in order to procreate. Forty per cent of couples are infertile for male causes, another forty per cent for female pathology and another twenty per cent are infertile because of problems in either partners or unknown origin. In Zygos, we analyse the problem, we make the diagnosis and seek the best solution taking care of your health and the health of your baby.

I can't get pregnant

One of the most important decisions in someone's life is to have a child. The modern society lifestyle, the stress or the age are some of the factors that both men and women are affected by and therefore, their purpose of achieving pregnancy is also affected. In Zygos, we help you to conceive a baby through the stimulation of the natural reproductive process. You should ask a professional if one of the following circumstances is familiar to you:
- If there are previously known fertility issues.
- If you were having sex without protection for a year or more and didn't get pregnant.
- If you are over 35 and you were trying to achieve pregnancy for more than six months.


We help you through assisted reproduction

Assisted reproduction is a set of techniques and treatments that help people with infertility problems to enhance the natural processes that occur during playback, or the replaced, when there is no possibility of achieving pregnancy. In Zygos we establish what treatment isbest always following criteria apply the technique or treatment of less harmful for fertility patient. Zygos is the only centre in Spain that offers all fertility treatments.


Single women

If you want to be a mother and have no partner or your partner is another woman, Zygos provides you with all the necessary means to become a mother. The use of assisted reproduction techniques to get pregnant regardless of marital status or sexual orientation is legal in our country for women who so wish.

Article 6 of the current Law 14/2006 on Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques provides:

"Every woman over 18 with full capacity to act may be a recipient or user of the techniques regulated in this Law, given their written consent to their use freely, consciously and expressly. The woman may be user or recipient of the treatment settled by this law regardless of hermarital status or sexual orientation."

The law sets the parameters and limits of the use of assisted reproduction techniques. In our clinic Zygos, we are at your entire disposal for any questions. If you are a single woman or your partner is another woman, we will offer you the most appropriate treatment or technique to achieve pregnancy.


Histocompatibility study

The study of HLA antigens in embryonic cells enables the selection of histocompatible embryos between siblings in case of sickness in one of them. This technique can be carried out when a new child is born and consists of using the blood "stem cells" of the umbilical cord for transplantation.