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Become an egg donor

Your contribute to make the dream of those who are affected by any of these problems of infertility:
- Women with premature ovarian failure.
- Repeated implantation failures.
- Risk of genetic disease transmission.
- Women who have undergone gonadotoxic treatments (chemotherapy radiotherapy).
- Elderly women (menopause).

Every women has approximately two million eggs in their ovaries at birth and ovulation only occur 400 or 500 times over their reproductive life. There are a lot of eggs that a woman does not really need and they are lost. In Zygos, we try to keep them in order to facilitate the achievement of pregnancy to couples who are unable to conceive a child.

Can I donate eggs?

These are the requirements to become an egg donor:
- To be between the ages of 18 and 35.
- To have a normal ovulation function.
- To be free from congenital malformation, genetic or hereditary diseases.
- To be physically and mentally healthy.
- Not giving birth more than 6 children.

Although the egg donation is considered an altruistic act, the donor is given a financial compensation for the inconvenience and movements to the Centre, as contemplated by the Spanish Law on Assisted Reproduction and the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).

The donation will be formalized in a written contract. We recommend you to contact us or visit us to be informed about the protocol agreement, the purposes and consequences of the act, as well as analysis and procedures to become a donor.