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Requirements to be a Criobanc donor

Obtaining cells (sperm) of a person for further application in assisted reproduction can only be made if the donor is an adult, a healthy person and able to make decisions. The donor will be previously informed of the conditions in order to sign the agreement. The objectives and the cells procurement information will be provided by the specialist.

The laboratory tests, the registration and consequent protection of your data will also be indicated. The purpose of the donation and sperm freezing treatment is to perform a reproductive treatment on couples in which the male has a very low quality semen, does not generate sperm (azoospermia) or there is a risk of transmitting a genetic defect. The donation can also benefit single women without a male partner who want to achieve pregnancy.

Can I be a donor?

Requirements to be a sperm donor:

 To be an 18 year old or older with full capacity to act.

 To be physically and mentally healthy.

 Not to suffer from serious genetic disorders or hereditary diseases.

 Not being a carrier or suffering from a contagious disease.

 To have a good quality semen and adequately support the process of freezing and thawing.

When does someone finish being a donor?

 When the donor voluntarily changes his opinion.

 When the quality of semen in repeated samples does not allow freezing or when after freezing, sperm survival is not acceptable.

 If changes are detected in the periodic analytical tests.

 When the number of pregnancies achieved by the donor is limited by law and the sperm bank has decided not to continue using this sperm for diagnostic testing

The donation will be formalized in a written contract. Zygos always provides prior information with the purposes and consequences of the act, as well as procedures and analysis that will be submitted by the donor. If you have any questions, please contact us or visit our centre and you will be provided with all the details.

Become a Donor. Share your health and donate life

The donation and freezing of semen is the hope to conceive a new life for many people. Couples need a sperm donor to conceive a healthy child when the male has a very low quality semen, does not generate sperm (azoospermia) or there is a risk of a disease transmission or genetic defect.

You also help single women to become a mother without a male partner.

Zygos gives you the opportunity to become a donor and get a financial compensation for the inconvenience (accepted by the Assisted Reproduction Act).