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Masters Degree in Human Reproduction

This Master’s degree is aimed at a reduced group of students chosen for their resume and skills among graduates in Medicine, Surgery, Biology, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals having a social, health, ethical and legal focus.
Its main objective is the education of specialists in Reproductive Medicine and has professors from USC, UAB, UV, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.

The Master trains new professionals and ensures the transmission of knowledge and progress of the human reproduction science.

Research, Development and Innovation

The research work of Zygos allows a deep knowledge of the pathologies and a continuous updating of our professional team on the latest developments. Zygos participates in scientific events of reference to incorporate the new technologies emerging in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Zygos is a company with a Technology Based Initiative (Government of Galicia IEBTs file


FM340D 2001/2) and cooperates in Research through R + D projects (Research and Development) with the University of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. Zygos offers the latest advances in reproductive medicine in order to reduce risks and improve results.