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ZYGOS, Galician Centre for Assisted Reproduction

ZYGOS is an assisted reproduction centre with a team of renowned experts and scientists to put at your disposal the most advanced techniques in reproductive medicine and all the fertility treatments. We are in Santiago de Compostela and Ourense.

We commit ourselves to common goal; having a child.

Zygos, Galician Centre for Assisted Reproduction was born in October 2000 in order to address the problems of human infertility. We approach the problem from a physiological or natural perspective and we treat it with scientific knowledge and the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques.

In addition, we have financing agreements so that money is not an obstacle to fulfil your illusion. Ask us.



In ZYGOS we understand the doubts that arise when deciding an assisted reproduction. We base our relationship with the patient on trust and close contact. In ZYGOS we want you to feel as a family, and your family starts here. We live with you all the changes and transformations that a person to be a mother lives while taking care of your health and your baby.